About Me

Thank You all so much for coming and visiting my blog. This is the first step in a culmination of thoughts and recipes, and I intend to make it grow with everyones help. Comment on the recipe's if you try them out. Share your own thoughts and recipes with me via e-mail, or through the comments section This blog is for everyone, as much as it is mine, I am simply the editor.

I grew up as an Army brat, mostly in Texas, but also traveling throughout Europe for 3 years while my father was stationed in Germany. I joined the Air Force out of high school and got to travel to some parts of the U.S. that I had not been to before, sampling the local cuisine every where I went: New O'rleans, Chicago, Anchorage, Seattle, Pensacola. Eventually I came back to Texas and continued to grow in my love of all types of food, and my love for cooking them. I have a mother who is german, a wife who is hispanic, a big family that is all Texan and my enormous love for food. Put all this together and you get The Comforts of Home Cooking~an experiment in the love for all thing 'food'. Yes, I am a foodie, and I admit it. Lets be foodies together. The flavors of the world brought down home Texas style. (click the little email icons to send me suggestions or requests for recipes.)